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Dutch ‘Ordedienst’ resistance armband


Original ‘Ordedienst’ resistance armband. During World War II, the Ordedienst, 1 or OD, was one of three 2 important clandestine resistance organisations in The Netherlands. It was established in 1940 with the intent to act as an interim law-enforcement service in the case of a sudden retreat of the German occupant. In practice however, the OD mainly provided intelligence to the Dutch Government in London (UK). In liberated parts of The Netherlands, the members of the organisation could be recognised by a band on their arm. Most of these armbands were in the colours blue, white and orange, but other designs were also used. This armband is printed with horizontal bars in the colours blue, white and orange. At the center are the letters ‘O.D’  and painted ORANJE (Orange). Scarce armband.


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