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12th Manitoba Dragoons Grouping – L/Cpl. J.V. SCHMOELLER

Very nice 12th Manitoba Dragoons Grouping. This grouping belonged to Lance Corporal J.V. Schmoeller with service number H-77522 which is an original¬† number 18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Manitoba Dragoons). The grouping is consisting of some interesting paperwork, 12th Manitoba Dragoons Certificate of Active Service, Registration Certificate, Cudworth and District, a document of the Saskatchewan Province. Also with this grouping an interesting insignia combination. 12th Manitoba Dragoons shoulder title, Headquarters formation patch, 5th Canadian Armoured Division formation patch, three CANADA shoulder titles, 8th Army shoulder patch what indicates he also served in Italy, Lance Corporal rank chevron, two ribbon bars and the veteran’s 12th Manitoba Dragoon patch (new).

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