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19th Fuselier Battalion – Battle Dress

Original WW2 19th Fuselier Battalion – 15th Fuselier Brigade ‘RESISTANCE’ P40 Battle Dress tunic. The tunic comes with a May 1940 Belgium ID tag named to O.P. Vanbelle. The insignia is original wartime applied. The tunic is in good condition with minor moth damage (two small holes). Has its makers label, dated 1943 in size 6.

Because the 19th Fuselier Battalion was part of the 15th Fuselier Brigade “RESISTANCE”, and as most of the fuseliers originates from the resistance, the 19th Fuselier Battalion wore with pride the formation badge of the 15th Fuselier Brigade. A heraldic yellow lion facing to the left, on a scarlet shield. Above the word RESISTANCE, beneath the word WEERSTAND which is the Flemish word for Resistance. The 19th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded at Leopoldsburg on December 31 1945. The Belgian Fuselier Battalions were practically all assigned to the 21st Army Group and the 12th US Army Group. They were active in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

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