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6th Field Regiment – Complete full kit named to Gunner Parker

WW2 original 6th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery grouping named to Gunner Arthur Parker with army number B44714. Arthur Parker was born in July 1906. Gunner Parker was sent to England in 1943 and entered France on 8th June 1944, just after D-Day. He participated in the entire campaign for Caen and later battle of the Falaise Gap. Parker was licensed to drive the tractor pulling a 25 pounder gun and limber, this license is included with the kit. Parker was involved in a collision which broke his nose and landed him in a British field hospital. He was shipped home in November 1945.
This large grouping consist of his battle dress trousers, kitbags (all named), small pack, large pack, braces, web belt, web gaitors, and all his personal belongings and some paperwork. See photos for all details. Very interesting grouping!

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