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British Revolver Ammo Box – .455 revolver

WW2 British/Canadian wooden revolver ammo-box, complete with its metal bin inside which is very often missing. The box was intended to hold 240 cartridges for revolver ‘.455’ which is hard to find. The wooden ammo box appears in used condition, still has most of its original labels.

Great item for display because its small size. Hard to find item!

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This is a nice British/Canadese WW2 wooden revolver ammo-box. The box was holding 180 cartridges for Colt .45. A box for Colt .45 ammunition is hard to find! The wooden ammo box is in good used condition, complete with most of the labels and the strings with locking-pin. Dated 1944.
Fantastic item for display!

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Weight 1000 g

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