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BSA Folding Bike – 1st Pattern: Early Twin Tube Model

This is a very rare 1942 BSA Folding Bike, twin tube model, 1st pattern folding bike. The 1st Pattern model shown here is 100% original with wartime factory produced paint, labels, military War Grade tires, original BSA grips and leather BSA seat. This bike has a frame number R6578. During WW2, The ‘Birmingham Small Arms’ company (BSA) produced a folding bicycle for the purpose of easy transport. The bicycle folded in the center of the frame, with the variation shown here as the first model design with a lightweight twin seat tube. Very few of the first models were made in 1942. The second model can easily be identified by the single seat tube.

Shipping quote will be discussed after order, this is depending on your location. The bicycle weighs 13 KG.
For example
Europe: Fully insured would costs about €50 /  €75
USA: Fully insured would costs about €180         

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