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Camouflage Windproof Smock – C.W.S. Ltd.

Original WW2 British (Canadian) camouflage windproof smock. The camouflage windproof suits were introduced in 1943, made from light weight wind proofed cotton material. The camouflage pattern is similar to the one found on the Denison smock in terms of the basic colours and brush strokes in some areas. This smock is has its original makers label by C.W.S. Ltd. in a not very often seen size 7, C.W.S. labels are often not showing a date, we can assure you this is a wartime example. The ends of the smock sleeves have tab and button size adjustments, one button is broken but still in place (see photo). Draw tapes are located at the hood and waist of the smock. These smocks were worn on top of the Battledress. They are often seen in photos being used by snipers, commandos and infantry troops of the British and Canadian army during WW2. This smock is in good condition, normal traces of wear.

This is a nice windproof smock in large size, rarely offered for sale.

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Weight 2000 g

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