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Camouflaged Canister and Gasmask

Stunning German M38 Gasmask Canister in three-tone, known by collectors as ‘Normandy’ camouflage, complete with its original gasmask and carrying straps. The camouflaged canister is maker marked EBU and dated 1942. The canister retains most of its original three-tone camouflage colours, one of the best examples we have come across! The canister is complete with the long and short carrying straps. The gasmask is in very good supple condition, name and unit marked. This set was found in Soest, the Netherlands.

Absolutely stunning original camouflaged gasmask canister with gasmask that you don’t see very often in this condition!

Take a look at FJM44 who has an identical camouflaged gasmask canister

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Weight 2000 g

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