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Canadian ‘Invasion Boots’ – High Top Boots 1943

Extremely rare pair of WW2 Canadian High Top Boots in uncleaned condition, dated 1943. Those boots are known by collectors as ‘Invasion boots’. These boots of Canadian design was introduced in 1942, made their first known combat appearance in May 1943. They were issued to Canadian troops that assisted the U.S. 10th Mountain Division in the fight againt the Japanese when they attempted to invade the Aleutians/Kiska. The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division received large quantities of these boots when they were being equipped for D-Day, Allied landings in Normandy 1944 and this has led to their being known as ‘Invasion Boots’ or ‘3rd Division Boots’. The black leather boots have soles and heels that are similar to those found on normal Ankle-Boots right down to the heel and toe plates. The gaiter is similar to the type found on the Canadian Shoepacks (Rubber winterboots) in being sewn to one side of the boot and strapping to the opposite side via a single buckle but it is slightly wider. The web anklets were not worn with these boots.
This pair of boots are in uncleaned and used condition, they have been there and saw action! The boots comes with an original pair of Canadian WW2 laces (later added). The leather is still in supple condition, ofcourse they can use some care. Be aware the boots are heavily used and are not in mint condition. The boots are dated 1943.

High Top Boots are extremely hard to find and rarely offered for sale!

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