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DORSET 43rd Wessex – P40 Battle Dress

Original WW2 Dorset 5th Battalion – 43rd Wessex Infantry Division P40 battle dress tunic. The tunic is in used condition, shows traces of wear. Features original period applied insignia consisting of the Dorset printed shoulder titles, printed 43rd Wessex Infantry Division patches (note: one patch is facing the wrong side, original applied), red bars indicating the 5th Battalion and Captain rank pips. Tunic shows some repairs, and one breast pocket button is missing. Fitted with original makers label, dated 1942 in size 7. Hard to find regiment!!

The 4th and 5th Battalions of The Dorsets landed in Normandy with the 30th Corps and 43rd Wessex Infantry division. Fighting their
first battle against the Waffen SS of 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions on the slopes of Hill 112 as part of the 43rd Wessex Infantry Division.
the 5th Dorsets were sucessful in attacking Chateau Fontaine Etoupfour. The 4th Dorsets attack on Etterville, was met with stiff opposition and heavy mortar fire
but was also succesful. However during the final phase of the attack in Maltot, a battalion of German Tiger tanks separated the British infantry from their tanks,
the 4th Dorsets reduced to little more than a company in strenght.

In 1945 the 4th and 5th Dorsets crossed the Rhine by assault craft. Having crossed the River Waal at Nijmegen the 43rd Wessex Infantry Division lead the advance to the Rhine at Arnhem.
The 4th Dorsets were to cross the Rhine to reinforce the airborne troops but the current was too strong and they were dispersed along the enemy beach. Again the 4th suffered many casualties
with three hundred either killed, wounded, missing or taken prisoner. The final drive of the war took the Dorsets across Northern Germandy to Bremerhaven on the North Sea Coast.

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WW2 Canadian Tank Corps Holster, shortened model. Hoster is having the 6 cartridge loops to the font. For use with the Enfield/Webley tanker revolver. Not maker marked, the presstud is marked United-Carr-Canada. In excellent condition!

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