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Le Regiment de la Chaudiere – MkIII Helmet with decal

Extremely rare ‘Le Regiment de la Chaudiere’ flashed MkIII helmet.  This is an original Canadian used helmet with decal to the ‘Chauds’, helmet was painted during the war. It is very common to find original WW2 combat helmets what have been painted over during the war period. This is a typical green vehicle color. The decal is clearly visible underneath the paint. MkIII helmets were made in UK and heavily issued to Canadian troops for D-day (and afterwards). The liner is maker marked FFL and dated 1944. Comes with its original chinstrap. Shows traces of usage.

MkIII flashed helmets are hard to find, in particular D-Day regiments like Le Regiment de la Chaudiere.

The regiment mobilized a battalion for the Canadian Active Service Force in 1939. Initially organized as a machine gun battalion, the battalion was sent to England in August 1941. The unit was assigned to the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division as a standard rifle battalion and was designated as a reserve battalion during the D-Day landings in June 1944. Le Régiment de la Chaudière came ashore at Bernières-sur-Mer along with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, surprising the locals who hadn’t expected to find francophone troops in the liberating forces. It was the only French-Canadian regiment to participate in Operation Overlord, and the only French speaking unit that day along with the Free-French Commando Kieffer. The regiment participated in the Battle for Caen, suffering several casualties in the fight at Carpiquet airfield on 4 July 1944. With the rest of the division, the regiment fought in the Battle of the Scheldt, notably in actions in the Breskens Pocket between 6 October and 3 November 1944. The unit wintered in the Nijmegen Salient and was again active in the Rhineland fighting in February 1945, and finished the war on German soil in May.

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