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Luftwaffe Flight NCO’s Four-Pocket Tunic

Nice Luftwaffe Flight NCO’s four pocket tunic This is a private purchase 1935 pattern Luftwaffe four-pocket tunic as intended for Feldwebel der Flieger. The breast eagle is hand applied to the tunic. The yellow coloured collar tabs are machine applied to the collar. Nice silver NCO braid and yellow piping are also machine applied to the collar. The tunic comes with a nice pair of shoulder boards, the shoulder boards are constructed from the same wool as the tunic. There are medal loops present for several awards and a ribbon bar is attached to the tunic. Nice hand embroidered Segelflieger C-Abzeichen is hand applied to the breast. The tunic’s tailor label from Spacek from Brno (Brünn) is present. The tunic is in very good condition, shows normal traces of wear.

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Weight 2000 g
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