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MCR1 – SOE/Resistance Communications Receiver

Original SOE/Resistance MCR-1 Receiver with coil-pack (frequency coversion). The receiver has a frequency coverage of 150 kHz – 1.6 MHz (broadcast band) and 2.5 – 15 MHz (short wave), divided over four ranges. It can be powered by a combined battery pack (7.5V/90V) or by the external mains AC/DC PSU. MCR-1 receiver with coil pack attached. It was also possible to wear the MCR-1 in walking position (see last photo). Serial number 55220. Good used condition with the correct power plug cable, one extra hole.

During WW2 the MCR-1 became a popular receiver with resistance groups in several European countries. It was built under licence by Philco in the UK, and many were dropped over occupied Europe for the reception of the ‘civil’ broadcasts of the BBC that carried the latest news in various languages, speeches of the British Prime Minister and other heads of states and often coded messages for the resistance (e.g. to confirm the arrival of a VIP or an upcoming dropping). The receiver was also used as part of complete radio stations, such as the Type 46/1 (Jedburgh Set) and the Type 48/1 (Nicholls Set). Production of the receiver started in late 1943.


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