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North Nova Scotia Highlanders flashed helmet, kitbag and smallpack

Original WW2 North Nova Scotia Highlanders (NNSH) flashed combat helmet, kitbag and small-pack named to Private McKenzie. Canadian helmet with genuine period NNSH painted flash applied to the left side, soldier’s name written on the chinstrap and army number written on the inside. Helmet shell is maker marked CL/C 1942, liner VMC 1942 marked. Helmet is in nicely worn condition. Kitbag is marked with regiment name North Nova Scotia Highlanders, and the countries he went throug: Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germandy. British made kitbag, maker marked and dated 1943. The smallpack is in used condition, maker marked ZL&TD dated 1940. This grouping also consists soldier’s baggage indendification tag for Canadian Troops Overseas.

This great grouping is yet unresearched and Private McKenzie definitely deserve further scrutinisation.

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