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Oversuit Tank Crews- Dated 1944

WW2 British Oversuit Tank Crew (pixie suit). The tanksuit made its first appearance in July 1943 as replacement of the previously used assortment of uniforms and oilskin clothing worn by tank crew. They are known as Tank Suits or Pixie Suits. The suits were made to fit loosely for comfort in the confines of a tank. Battledress was worn underneath. This Tank Suit is in good used condition, shows traces of wear and in overall very good condition. All snap studs are marked Newey. Its original makers label present, dated 1944, in size 3. Complete very often missing hood, complete with braces and waist-belt. Very good funtional zippers.  Used by British, Canadian and Polish armoured troops.

These suits are getting hard to find.

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Weight 2000 g
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