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RAF C-type Flying Helmet, 1st Pattern Internally Wired with H-type Oxygen Mask

This is an original RAF C-type Flying Helmet ,1st pattern internally wired with its original H-type oxygen mask as found together. The leather is in excellent overall condition, very supple with normal traces of wear, the cap is stores reference 22c/879, and broad arrow stamped in the leather.  The goggle straps and press studs are good. Interior is marked with a RAF wing and 380. Both rubber receiver carriers are in good condition.  The lining is good condition, showing two damages on the right ear side.  Wired with an instrument cord (loom, connector type, stores reference 10H/10991), type 32 receivers (stores reference 10A/13466) and black cased bell jackplug, (stores reference 10H/10991).  The chinstrap retains good condition and good elasticity.  The H-type oxygen mask retains in very good condition, same as the C-cap, rubber is nice clean and supple but shows normal traces of wear.  There is no notable cracking.  The pearl grey suede lining is complete and in good condition.  The mask is fitted with a rather worn type 57 microphone assembly with a light tan coloured loom and the correct large 2-pin socket, type 614, 10H/18196.  The mask’s harness is in good condition.  These late war H-masks are very difficult to obtain and are considerably rarer than the G-type mask.

Very nice example of the rarer first pattern early internally wired C-type of definite wartime manufacture with its original H-type oxygen mask.

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