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RARE MTC Uniform Grouping named to Joan Foulds

This is an extremely rare WW2 completely untouched uniform for a Woman in the MTC / Mechanised Transport Corps. This complete uniform grouping belonged to Joan Foulds. Joan joined the MTC in 1941 and worked for Thorneycrofts, a vehicle manufacturer based in Basingstok, England. Joan was married to Duncan Foulds D.S.C. / MiD British Navy. Joan originated from the Isle of Wight and when she arrived Basingstoke. Joan bought her own uniforms, paid for billets and earned 2.50 GBP per week.
Joan drove 3 tonners and 5 ton chassis to be fitted for cranes as well as tipper trucks to make new aerodromes. Bren Gun carriers were driven to Portsmouth for D-Day landings. The MTC also drove staff cars for services personnel (the most notable is Kay Summersby). Also, the MTC worked with the American Ambulance of Great Britain and for the French government.
Joan did not receive any medals and according the letter she seemed disappointed that the MTC were not recognized officially for their work during the war.

The Service Dress uniform was purchased privately and made by Emms in Saville Row 1941. The uniform is in worn conditions, shows traces of wear and some small damages. It has the khaki MTC issue lanyard, a very nice detail: underneath the left lapel is sewn a Panda patch for 9th Armoured Division.
The skirt is maker marked Emms, Saville Row and her name in ink ‘D Foulds October 1941’. Two rear pockets. Minimal moth in a couple of places. The skirt has been professionally repaired at some point at the front panel but does not detract from overall appearance of the skirt.
Tie in MTC dark khaki wool. Minimal moth.
Driver’s Cap maker marked Lillywhites, Piccadilly Circus and Knightbridge and her name, used condition, minimal moth. One pressstud is not functional (stille there).
Side Cap also maker marked Lillywhites, Piccadilly Circus and Knightbridge and her name.
Handbag has Fould name written inside.
Sam Browne is also unique, her name is written inside as well as several men’s name!
Stockings CC41 original wartime.The grouping comes with copy photos of her in uniform, including the photo used for the book ‘Women in Uniform’.  Copy Service Certificate.

This is one of the best groupings we have come across, very rare to find!

The Mechanised Transport Corps was formed in 1939 as Mechanised Transport Training Corps (MTTC), their HQ was in Leinster Gardens, London. They underwent training including vehicle maintenance, first aid, convoy driving, stretchers drill, anti-gas, military map reading. In 1940 the corps changed its name to Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC) and worked for several foreign governments.

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