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Sabotage Pamphlet SOE-RESISTANCE

Sabotage pamphlet for SOE and RESISTANCE during WW2. The British Special Operations Executive SOE supplied the resistance movements and the Jedburgh teams with sabotage equipment, weapons and radios during WW2. The sabotage manual for resistance and agents in occupied countries were print several different languages which they sent along with the equipment in Drop-Containers. This manual is complete with all 7 chapters, English, Danish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, German and an illustrated chapter. It contains about 210 pages.

Size: 13.5 cm x 11.2 cm

STEN sub machine gun, No 82 Gammon grenade, P.E. No 2 plastic explosives, Nobels 808, detonator, Bickford safety fuse, Cordtex, rail charge, Limpet, pressure switch, release switch, pistols, No 36 Mills grenade.

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