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SOE / OSS Jumpsuit – Striptease suit

SOE / OSS Jumpsuit. WW2 British made jumpsuit for use with the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) or US OSS (Office of Strategic Services). These jumpsuits, also known as ‘Striptease suits’ were worn on top of civilian clothing by secret agents dropped over occupied territory. These suits were to be worn during the jump and immediately discarded after. These coveralls are made in a heavy duck with hand screened camouflage pattern, there are different camouflage colors for the suits, this is the light coloured camouflage version. This jumpsuit is in good condition, shows traces of usage. All zippers are in working condition. The backpack is still present! Leather piece with buckle is not present.

One of the hardest to find British uniforms!

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Weight 2000 g

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