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Stoottroepen Mk3 Helm

WW2 Dutch ‘Stoottroepen’ Mk3 helmet in good used condition. The British made helmet has an original WW2 period flash with orange coloured lion as used by the Stoottroepen. The helmet is complete with a nice liner and chinstrap, shows traces of usage. The ‘Stoottroepen’ in Limburg were supplied with US uniforms and the ‘Stoottroepen’ in Brabant were supplied with British and Canadian uniforms. Unique opportunity to add an untouched Stoottroepen helmet to your collection!

The Stoottroepen 1944-1945
After the liberation in September 1944 of most of the southern part of the Netherlands, the Stoottroepen were established from the resistance as part of the Support Forces.
The volunteers for this new part of the Royal Netherlands Army come mainly from the provinces of North Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland.
The Stoottroepen of the Commando Brabant will come under British and Canadian command, while the Stoottroepen of the Commando Limburg will come under American command.

The Allies can use the Stoottroepers well as they are faced with a troop shortage on the front in the south of the Netherlands.
They also run guard and patrol services. The Stoters do this under often harsh weather conditions and with a great shortage of food, clothing and armaments.
Most companies of the Brabant Stoottroepen are deployed on the banks of the Maas and Waal.
They have to counter enemy infiltrations in the river area, to prevent the Germans from destroying or taking prisoners of war.
From January 1945 a number of companies of Commando Brabant guarded the front in Zeeland.
The companies from Limburg mainly reinforce the front in the south of this province by carrying out reconnaissance patrols.
Many of the Stoottroepen are ultimately active on Dutch soil for months. In the last weeks of the war, another part travels deep into Germany.
There are 102 Stoottroepers killed of the 6000 Stoottroepers who came into service between September 1944 and May 1945.

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