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VERY RARE – WW2 Canadian Battle Jerkin – ZL&TD 1943

This is a VERY RARE WW2 Canadian issued Battle-Jerkin. The Battle Jerkin and was developed in 1942 by Colonel Rivers-MacPherson for the British Army. History has it that he disliked the Pattern 37 web gear in common use at the time and took the opportunity to design something he thought more efficient. It was issued to assault troops for the Normandy landings and was used widely by commando personnel in 1944-45. A Canadian pattern Battle Jerkin was designed shortly after the British model in 1942. Only 1500 were produced! With 1000 going to the UK to supply the Overseas Troops and 500 staying in Canada. The Battle Jerkins were used on D-Day by 3rd Divisions assault formations and in July 1944 by RCN Beach Commando. The Canadian made jerkins were of a similar cut and design to the British version although instead of wooden toggles and string loops the Canadian version uses US style ‘Lift-the-Dot’ fasteners. The US also copied the British Battle Jerkin and manufactured their own version of Assault Vest. This Battle Jerkin is in perfect condition. Nicely maker marked by ZL&TD and dated 1943. Size Large (L).

This is the first time we are offering a scarce WW2 Canadian Battle Jerkin.

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Weight 2000 g
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